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Savannah Ghost Tours “Winter Nights with The Ghosts of Christmas in The Sorrel-Weed Mansion: A Meditation on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Savannah Ghost Tours, and Haunted Savannah Places by R. Chase Anderson, Albon Chase, and The Cast

Savannah, Ga — 1888
I first arrived in Savannah, Georgia with Oglethorpe in 1733 — long, long before concealing my true profession and assignment by fronting as a leader of Savannah Ghost Tours. I returned to Savannah as an undercover police investigator in November of 1888 on assignment from the N.Y. Police Dept. My orders were to follow the then hot trail of Jack the Ripper from Liverpool to New York and finally through Charleston and to Savannah where the trail ended.

Only a rumor remains today of Jack’s time here. They call him The Savannah Ripper. His name was Dr. David Hatterfield and I arrested him in 1889 near the Savannah Waterfront. Then he got off as a free man. Welcome to Savannah and my reason for being here.

I returned again a third and final time in 2010, to complete my assignment — this time fronting as a leader of Savannah Ghost Tours, drawing upon tools honed from 400 years of stage acting, forensics, mesmerism, and musical interludes in London, Paris and The Orient. Do not suppose that I devised some Wells-like Time Machine for the purpose of time slipping when in fact the solution in the end was far less mechanized — though steam-driven — the appearance of a Hoodoo medicine man in Colonial Cemetery. But that journal entry you already know if you have followed my Confessions from The Beginning.

Sunday, November 27, 2016
The Sorrel-Weed Mansion
I am encouraged to report that a shift in the electro-magnetic-plasmatic uptake energy in Savannah this year resulted in a change of management at the legendary Sorrel-Weed House mansion, the largest mansion in historic Savannah, proclaimed as one of the most haunted houses in America.

I witnessed up close 11 years ago how the Sorrel-Weed mansion opened its mysteries to Jason and Grant of SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters”, followed by Zack of the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventurer”. TAPS debuted to the world several approaches to Ghost Hunting, such as the use of incitement, or yelling at “ghosts” in order to get their attention.

I digress– but this fact of projecting negative, unresolved humanoid anger into the ethereal psi space around you is unwise at best and compromises your own objective investigation. Its why I had avoided the house frankly, for years. I wasn’t spiritually ready at the time to go in and clear the whole place of negative humanoid energy before beginning to venture into investigating its genuine ghosts, the ghosts of the Sorrel-Weed mansion in Savannah, Georgia, one of the most haunted cities in the world.

Savannah’s Most Haunted Places

Moon River Brewery:
The same was true for the three years of nights I spent inside Moon River Brewery – the Old City Hotel which I wrote about in my “Confessions.” Moon River’s reported “angry, negative energy” in the haunted down and upstairs and most of it the result of anger energy emissions by humanoid carbon-based ghost hunters and the Nemesis of Neglect.

As fate or destiny would have it, The Sorrel-Weed obtained a gem of a chap in Nicholas Rush-kin, a man of action with a vibrant creative spark to match the house’s already stellar day leader, Major Calvin. Together, these two men, freed from the low density energy of the recent past, now guide the Sorrel-Weed mansion through what promises to be one of the old mansion’s most creative phases.

However, I confess my primary motive for ringing haunted bells is my strange show called The Christmas Ghosts of Christmas Inside the Sorrel-Weed Mansion debuting December 9th and running through the 30th. The idea had just as much to do with my own need for repentance and redemption as any other “fellow traveler to the grave,” as Dickens once described us.

The Inspiration:
I’ve no idea how it formed in my mind but it was not overnight. It took several hundred years. But once the idea for The Ghosts of Christmas staged inside one of Savannah’s most haunted mansions, The Sorrel-Weed took root, it has emerged in wild leaps and bounds as it forms and arranges itself in the fires of my imagination — once I entered the house. And particularly once rehearsals began inside the haunted drawing rooms. Its really a Victorian Christmas Back Story or a Deconstruction of A Christmas Carol in some ways but only for the purpose of getting at the core of the message Dickens so carefully constructed. So we’ve been adapting pieces of the story — not to pilfer it, but to filter it through a parallel narrative operating alongside it which is the back story in this version of A Christmas Carol.

In order to advance paranormal field research in a new direction forward we founded SHIPS (Savannah History Institute for Paranormal Studies) to produce living history events inside haunted Savannah mansions. The events serve as Era Cues or Triggers to induce a corresponding response from the resident energy inside the house.

The Sorrel mansion was scene to many a party before that final fateful party in 1860 that haunts the house to this day. The Sorrel Ghost story is told in a masterful fashion by resident Sorrel-Weed storyteller, Nicholas Wood on his Savannah Ghost Tours, tours that spend lots of time in the house and other key outside sites. Nicholas is a professional storyteller who has researched the story in depth through an extensive collection of primary source material never before seen in public but shared with this writer when we first brought the Ghosts of Christmas to The Sorrel-Weed mansion.

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