Savannah Ghost Tours at Colonial Park Cemetery

Colonial Park Cemetery Savannah Ghost Tours

On our Savannah Ghost Tours one of the stops is Colonial Park Cemetery. Colonial Park Cemetery first received its dead in 1750 as a private churchyard. In 1789, it expanded and became a public cemetery. It has an interestingly unique past and is now considered one of most haunted spots in Savannah.
Today, Colonial Park Cemetery is resting grounds for over 10,000 people but only has about 600 tombstones. There are several reasons for this severe misrepresentation, one being the mass grave of patients from the 1820 Yellow Fever Epidemic. We know from doctor’s journals at the time that 666 people died and were all buried there together. Only one marker stands to account for all of their deaths with the number notated as “nearly 700” bodies to avoid printing the Devil’s number. Many tombstones were thrown out during the Civil War when Union General Sherman led his 60,000 troops to Savannah during his famous March to the Sea. While he was put up in the Green-Meldrim House, the troops camped in Colonial Cemetery, pulling up tombstones to make more room for themselves. Some of these were later found and now hang on the wall of the cemetery. Are these the souls that haunt the grounds today? Or perhaps it’s the souls whose graves were paved and built over. In 1896, the cemetery was reduced in size to make way for city expansion. Colonial Cemetery was made into a public park and therefore received more funding for upkeep. You can still see remnants of this reduction today as there is one crypt that partly lies inside of the cemetery’s perimeter fence and partly juts out onto the sidewalk.
Many strange things have been reported in and around Colonial Park Cemetery. Some have seen a strange green mist hovering above the tombstones. Others describe shadowy figures walking around the park after the gates have been closed and some even have been startled by the sound of peculiar unexplained noises coming from inside the crypts. A few visitors have told similar stories of seeing a lady dressed in white who walks to a grave then suddenly vanishes.
One of the most frequent reports on Savannah Ghost Tours is of the ghost of 7 foot tall Rene Rondolier. The local legend of Rene describes him as disfigured, or sometimes mentally handicapped. In the 1800s, he was accused of murdering two girls whose bodies were found in the cemetery. A mob of Savannah townsfolk took justice in their own hands and hung Rene, some say from a tree right inside the cemetery. These days people report seeing Rene’s ghost walking the grounds or hanging from a tree in the back of the cemetery. As of yet, there has been no one able to corroborate Rene’s story through historical documents, but the researchers at Haunted Savannah are currently working on a lead.
Perhaps the most compelling piece of ghostly evidence that has come from the cemetery was a video recording from an unsuspecting visitor. In 2008, seventeen year old Jesse Greyhouse captured a ghost child on film inside the cemetery during daylight hours. He and his family believed the footage to be such compelling evidence of paranormal phenomena that they sent it off to experts for examination. No one was able to debunk the video and to this day, the presence of the ghost child has not been able to be explained by anyone.
Colonial Park Cemetery is a must-see for all those visiting Savannah! It’s a lovely place to walk through whether you’re simply enjoying the day, checking out some local history, or looking for paranormal activity. For more information and stories about Colonial Park Cemetery and the surrounding areas, check out our Savannah Ghost Tours.