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From the very beginning of my presenting Savannah Ghost Tours inside Sorrel Weed House in March of 2014 I have been astonished at the number of guests returning for their second, third and fourth visits. What always surprised me was they were returning to take the exact same tour they had already taken before. Lucky for those die hard fans, our most popular tour ever The Ghost Hunters House & Walking Tour is still available twice a night seven days a week. However, times have changed and with that change came a variety of new activities!

Summer 2016 in Savannah sees the launch of one of our newest activities. Ghost Hunters Haunted Pub Crawl offers Sorrel Weed House guests the opportunity to stroll with us through the streets and Squares of Savannah Georgia’s Historic district visiting landmark pubs with the freedom to bring spirits along for the walk. But this is a Sorrel Weed Ghost Tour so you know we are not taking you to just any old historic location. And our guests are not led by just any ordinary guide either. We visit only the most notoriously Haunted Pubs with actual documented paranormal evidence captured from inside. Better still this activity is guided by a true paranormal researcher/investigator Michelle Smith of Savannah ITC. Michelle has both explored and investigated these locations with her team and brings piece after piece of evidence captured which she shares with her guests throughout the crawl.

Also new to the Savannah Ghost Tours lineup in 2016 is the Ghosts of Sorrel Weed Tour featuring Savannah Storyteller Nicholas Wood. With several years experience guiding guests through the history and haunted activity captured throughout and around Sorrel Weed Mansion Nick developed a 90 minute tour with a deeper focus on the life and deaths of those still believed to be occupying the grand antebellum home. Sharing evidence and first hand experiences had inside. First hand accounts and sharing stories passed down dating back to when the home was still occupied by the Sorrel’s and their slaves. Treating visitors to vivid stories with vast detail Nick’s guests are delighted nightly with his wild and passionate tales shared through the lost art of true storytelling.

Topping off the Savannah Ghost Tours 2016 lineup our twice weekly event asked for by previous visitors time and time again, Ghost Hunting inside the Sorrel Mansion. For years our more serious paranormal enthusiasts have asked for the opportunity to investigate further, spend more time and reach out to the ghosts lurking between the shadows and the light. We listened and we are seeing guests thrilled and frightened weekly inside after hours during our Paranormal Investigation Experience. Held each Friday and Saturday night this event doesn’t even begin until all the rest of our activities have already ended and the staff have all gone home. Enter Paranormal Investigator and founder of Savannah Paranormal Investigations, Gordon Sabol. This extra late night event fill quickly since there are only twelve tickets made available each night. The intimate and spooky event has developed a bit of a reputation for not being for the faint of heart, or those with a fear of the dark.

To book one of our newest Savannah Ghost Tours visit any of the above links which will direct you to Sorrel Weed House Tours. Or call us (912) 257-2223 for available ghost tour times and we’ll be happy to assist with booking the best Savannah Ghost Tour for you! Ghost Tours are available every night of the week with at least two scheduled nightly activities available.

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  1. Fantastic tour. I think i may have a caught a couple things in some pictures i took! Would love to come back for an actual investigation.

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