After Hours Paranormal Investigation

Adults 18+ / $60 Per Person / Begins at 11:30pm / Reservations Required

Join us for a live streamed, lights out authentic paranormal investigation at one of the most actively haunted locations in the country! This event is supervised by an experienced paranormal investigator who will guide everyone through the Mansion and Carriage House while providing explanation of the ghost hunting equipment, suggestions on how to investigate and a bit of background information about the property before leaving guests to investigate in teams to come face to face with the paranormal!

regularly scheduled every weekend with availability on other nights on occasion and per request

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After Hours/ Private Paranormal Lock-In

Adults 18+ / Private Only / Begins at 11:30pm / Reservations Required/ Prices start at $350 Per Hour up to 10 guest/ Rate subject to change

In addition to everything offered on our standard After Hours Paranormal Investigation event, this in-depth special Lock-In event includes a smaller capacity, more time to investigate the property, more ghost hunting equipment and occasional special guest investigators. After guests are given information, equipment and an hour to investigate in teams, they are given the opportunity to explore the property and investigate freely.

Tickets are limited to only 10-12 guests per investigation so plan ahead and book this event in advance!

(912) 257-2223

Ghost – Busted / Exclusive Paranormal Investigations

Adults 18+ / Reservations Required/ $100 Per Person / Rate subject to change

“We are taking our Paranormal Investigations and Lock-Ins to the next level with this exclusive event! Featuring a Parapsychologist, Intuitive Medium, and the lead Sorrel-Weed House Paranormal Investigator, explore the hauntings of the mansion as well as the history and future of the ghost hunting field. Learn about the tools of the trade as well as how to properly test, confirm, and potentially debunk evidence of the afterlife.”

Tickets are limited so plan ahead and book this event in advance!

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