Paranormal Investigations Expand Savannah Ghost Tours at Sorrel-Weed Mansion

Savannah Ghost Tours inside Sorrel Weed

Live Streams and State of the Art Equipment Enhance Paranormal Investigations in Savannah

The Sorrel-Weed mansion in Savannah, Ga has been long known for its in-house Savannah Ghost tours after the house was made famous by Cable TV shows like Ghost Hunters (TAPS) and Ghost Adventures. But the Sorrel-Weed has decided to take the paranormal bull by the horn and expand paranormal investigations and research in new directions.

The paranormal investigations staff at the famous haunted Savannah mansion house have assembled one of the most sophisticated collection of paranormal investigation equipment and technology in the United States. The mansion offers a investigations on a nightly basis in addition to their Savannah Ghost Tours and once a month all night long lock-down’s occur in the house. Participants on these investigations are given state of the art equipment and left on their own to investigate the mansion.

Guests on paranormal investigations during Savannah ghost tours and lock-downs at Sorrel-Weed enjoy a level of state-of-the-art investigation technology and streaming methods. Each investigation is limited to only twelve guests and features a full two hour private investigation experience inside the Sorrel Mansion and Carriage House and guests are allowed to investigate further throughout the first floor, basement, gardens, and of course both floors of the Carriage House all on their own. All the paranormal investigations at Sorrel-Weed can be watched anytime online

Sorrel-Weed Investigation staff provide flashlights, Rook EMF detection devices, radios & infrared cameras. Every paranormal investigation also features an in-house array of additional ghost hunting gear such as REM pods, Geophones, FLIR thermal imaging and full spectrum cameras, laser projection grids, EDI environmental detection devices, static detectors, and ambient temperature sensors.

Leaders in Savannah Paranormal Investigations

Each Savannah Paranormal investigation event is hosted by one of Savannah’s two veteran paranormal investigators: Gordon Sabol of Savannah Paranormal Investigations (SPI for short) and Chris Allen of Haunted Savannah Tours. Gordon is a 20 year veteran of paranormal investigations and Chris Allen has logged thousands of hours investigating many of America‚Äôs most haunted locations. These events extend paranormal field research beyond the mansion’s weekend investigation experiences and delve deep into the world of ghost hunting. These events are streamed live online and feature audience participation. Participating guests are able to go back and re-watch the event, review evidence and share with friends.

Continuing The Legacy of Savannah Paranormal Research

Paranormal investigations and research in the west have been going on for over one hundred and fifty years — long before there were Savannah Ghost Tours or even a paranormal industry. Beginning with The famous Ghost Club in London that touted Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle, the Society for Psychical Research soon followed with chapters in London and in New York that included William and Henry James. Their methods of research were primitive when compared with the vast array of digital devices and technology now available to professional Ghost Hunters. But they wrote more and debated the field far more than we do today: They discussed ghost and spirit theories in papers and books. And they met on a regular basis to discuss and debate their subject and to move it forward in an age of doubt and uncertainty. And their work forms the foundation of for modern paranormal investigations, research, and yes, even Savannah, Georgia ghost tours.

Historical and Archaeological Significance

The Sorrel-Weed stands out among the ever expanding collection of venues for paranormal investigations throughout the world because it is also a historic Savannah house museum with an extraordinary colorful history. The house is significant to Civil War Savannah as a place where both Generals Robert E. Lee and William T. Sherman once visited. Two of the Sorrel brothers, Frank and Moxley played prominent roles in the Civil War. Additionally, two tragic deaths occurred in the Courtyard and Carriage House in 1860. And the location served as a British barracks during the second bloodiest battle in the American Revolution. These events provide historic and archaeological significance and a foundation for future paranormal research

Enter S.H.I.P.S. (Savannah History Institute for Paranormal Studies and Investigations. The single most impressive aspect of the Sorrel-Weed Mansion is that it connects three distinct aspects of Savannah: History, Archaeology, and the paranormal and includes all three in its Savannah Ghost Tours. The mansion, carriage house and courtyard sit on top of a highly significant archaeological site. Revolutionary War period British barracks occupied the Sorrel-Weed site prior to and during the second bloodiest battle in the American Revolution.

In 2017 Armstrong College in Savannah will conduct a major dig beneath the carriage house. This is significant on three levels — Historical, archaeological, and historical. The basement of the carriage house seems to contain either a single grave site or an opening to a British passageway. The passageway, if there is one, could possibly connect the Sorrel-Weed grounds to a major 1778 skirmish site across Bull street. SHIPS was specifically designed to explore connective links such as these. SHIPS was founded in 2010 by R. Chase Anderson of Savannah Ghost Walks. Its mission is to explore and educate the public about the intimate relationship between history, architecture, and the paranormal and to chart new directions for paranormal research. The organization hopes to establish a base site at the Sorrel-Weed Mansion so that it can explore these areas in close detail on a daily basis and to stage special events throughout the year in collaboration with Sorrel-Weed staff and paranormal investigators. Stay tuned for a calendar of events for SHIPS in 2017.

Pound for pound the Sorrel-Weed Mansion packs a big punch for paranormal enthusiasts as well as history and architecture fans who love all three fields!