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Within the Sorrel-Weed House I recovered a gathering of history and paranormal enthusiasts who were not themselves without market share concerns but whose generosity of spirit, the true spirit of Christmas, opened the door to my own dreams of moving paranormal research and education into new and exciting directions — directions which I had originally hoped, through creative collaboration with others, would lead to breakthroughs in how we see and talk about … Ghosts. The question at the end of 2016 for me is: will leaders of Savannah Ghost Tours ever come together on any issues affecting the Savannah Ghost Walks industry as a whole? Or will the race for more market share embrace paranormal breakthroughs?

All this leads me back to the trail of Jack the Ripper – a trail that eventually led through the Masonic, Mythic, and Forensic Mysteries buried deep below the streets and chambers of Savannah’s historic district. So I inch my way closer and closer eventually — back to the original Savannah Waterfront and the Nemesis of Neglect. But in the meantime, before the stroke of midnight — in time for Christmas — to strike a light for all that is good in the world at Christmas time. Many of us love the dark in the Savannah Ghost Walks industry. We capitalize on it, assuming above all that it is darkness, not blinding light that creep out our guests. But have you ever stood trembling in blinding Light from the other side, dear reader? We require both for our work in The Ghosts of Christmas. It is called half-light by some, different names in different mediums but it is essentially Gothic, German Expressionist Theater, Noir, all shadows and light in the Garden of Good and Evil. Even Midnight crosses genre in downtown Historic Savannah. And those roads converge inside the largest house in the Savannah Historic District, The Sorrel-Weed Mansion.

A brief overview of the current Sorrel-Weed lineup of Savannah Ghost Tours, Paranormal Investigation events, Savannah Ghost Stories around the fire in the courtyard, and its upcoming seasonal event The Ghosts of Christmas is impressive even from a distance. The fact is that the Sorrel-Weed mansion has invested time, money, and humanoid-carbon-based fuel into a massive upgrade of in-house paranormal surveillance equipment and live streaming technology. Sitting in front of multiple high res monitors with a birds eye view into each room is simply marvelous. I only wish we had it in 1888.

Like Scrooge, I had been given up for dead since returning to Savannah in 2010 — on numerous occasions by my friends and colleagues in the Savannah Ghost tours industry who worried that I was losing my mind and slipping into madness through the overuse of a dangerous concoction of deep depression and resulting complacency caused by an over-reliance on dreamworld technologies such as one in particular that I had customized to my own requirements — a potent mix of Chinese Opium Den tobacco I had procured in 1888 when last I walked the Savannah Waterfront. To that ancient supply I chased each dangerous inhale from my prized 18th century Sailor’s Choice scrimshaw opium pipe with medical grade laudanum from Kennedy’s Pharmacy and Montemarte, Absinthe from my recent stay in Paris – the net result was a rapid descent into utter madness, inspiration, and in the end — the opening of the gates of my own private hell.

From this sure end to a long a colorful career I surely would have submitted had it not been for the intervention of a friend I had known since my days in the Ottoman — Theo-Sophia who literally had to nurse this writer back to the land of the living over many days inside of my parlor apartments on Gaston Street overlooking haunted Forsyth Park, the oldest park in the south and epicenter of Savannah’s Yellow Fever secrets. Secrets.

Every day I, as I gradually recovered, I would stumble out to my bay window from room to gaze and meditate upon nothing other than the green plants Theo-Sophia brought into my world and filled my three bay window spaces. And so time went on in this way for weeks until I slowly re-emerged from my opiate-hazed illusions within the Garden of Good and Evil for one final episodic glorious project –ringing in the Ghosts of Christmas inside the Sorrel-Weed Mansion, the most haunted mansion in Savannah, Georgia.

The Ghosts of Christmas will make their Victorian Savannah debut on December 9th in the drawing rooms of Sorrel-Weed mansion with shows at 8 pm on Friday and Saturday nights through December 30th. The front parlor room of the house becomes the social reception room where guests to the show will be taken to for traditional Christmas Smoking Bishop — spiced wine and apple cider. Guests will then be directed into the drawing room where I and the Ghosts of Christmas and resident Ghost assistance from the Sorrel-Weed will, God willing, thoroughly entertain us all for one hour and I myself will survive it.

The Show itself is stranger than radium. Imagine, if you will, a meditation on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with ghosts and scenes from that famous Christmas story. Combine Dickens then with several Savannah ingredients: The Sorrel-Weed House itself, known in paranormal circles as a haven for Savannah Ghost Tours and Paranormal investigations. Our objective, based on an inspirational dream I received one night while hovering between life and death in the throes of my terrible addictions stemming from my time in the opium dens on the Savannah Waterfront in the 1880’s. The event will be monitored for fluctuations in energy activity inside of and around each scene. We might even pause in the middle of a sentence if we sense the presence of a ghost in the room. More later.

Readers. In the meantime I urge you, I implore you to reserve your all important spot in the Sorrel-Weed Mansion this December. Coming up …. Ground-Breaking Paranormal Investigations and Era Cue/Trigger Events, Archaeology Para-Archaeology, Para-History –Secrets of The Sorrel-Weed.

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