New Paranormal Evidence Inside Sorrel Weed Mansion

New Paranormal Evidence Inside Sorrel Weed

New Paranormal Evidence Inside Sorrel Weed Mansion

Beginning with a visit to the front gentleman’s parlor a lingering guest stands in front of a large grand mirror centuries old taking a photo looking upon the reflection of the room only to discover he was most not alone in the room as his eyes would make him believe he was.

To the rear parlor, also known as the ladies drawing room a dozen guests milling around among the furnishings observing the architectural facets of the large room oblivious to a woman captured only in a photo again seen through the reflection of another equally large mirror watching over visitors silently. She is wearing a fancy blue antebellum style gown, she has a shawl she clutches modestly with her bony hands just under her chin. However, her face tells us she is not just a guest or actor in period costume standing about in the rear of the room. Her face, or what is remaining of it would give the impression she has been lying buried for years and years only to wake in the house perhaps concerned with the visitors lurking through her house, her rooms. No. Guests are unaware of this ghastly woman in a fine blue gown and perhaps that may have been for the best.

There is commonality with each of these pictures. Over the year’s dozens of full bodied apparitions have been captured in guest photos and videos. Voices captured inadvertently. But in each of these images we’ve seen these ghosts in our rooms and hallways just as you see this environment today. The doorway from the grand hall leading into the front salon is captured as it is seen today, while a woman from another period in time stands almost as if hiding from sight in the corner beside the heavy mahogany door. Nineteenth century spirits seen in twenty-first century rooms. That is the commonality between each image of evidence. Or, at least it was. Until now.

The most difficult part of this entire image captured in March of this year has got to be the simple fact that solid materials have now completely vanished from camera view only to be replaced with a view not seen in a century and a half.

Recently a guest participating in our 9:30 Ghost Tour captured what is in my opinion one of the best ghostly images yet. For myself, the best part was, I was beside him when he captured it because I just happened to be the only guide available for a split-tour that Friday night. And there we were, thirty guests standing behind us as we stood in an open double doorway between Frank Sorrel’s medical room, and the adjacent kitchen. The kitchen was empty, or at least that is how it seemed to each, and every one of us standing there at that moment. The Guest snaps a picture and there immediately on his screen we see our ghostly woman standing in a doorway gazing out the front window of the basement as if staring out into an antebellum Madison Square and Harris Street.

Needless to say, the tour nearly ground to a halt as everyone swarmed into the room to see for themselves and examine the photo this gentleman had just captured. Even the hardest skeptic that night just along with friends were left scratching their heads with the thought of paranormal possibilities.

This would not be an isolated incident.

One week exactly the following Friday night Ghost Tour would experience the same occurrence. This time 7:00 PM tour guests would capture a similar sighting this time over a series of four photos. Even stranger, these images seem to show a shadowed figure stepping out and back into the old brick doorway with what appears to be a fully lit candle lamp. Just as the previous weeks capture each following image also shows parts of the old brick doorway in detail exposed, uncovered unlike it is today.

And this still wouldn’t be the last we’ve seen of her.

Two weeks would pass before my Saturday afternoon would be met by a family returning to Sorrel Weed looking for answers and to share what they had caught in a photograph the night before while experiencing our 9:30 PM tour. The first image I’ll admit was easily skip-able, however the second image gripped me. It was that same brick doorway featuring a great deal of abnormality. It didn’t feature a full-figured apparition, but what it showed was a large black mass exposing over the entryway and concealing features of the woodwork and drapery that normally cover’s it.

Look closely at each of these images here! The brick doorway has long since been closed by a pine door frame with a plywood sheet hinged and clasped shut. A large black privacy curtain designed to block light hangs over the closed-up space now occasionally used as storage space for project materials. Each image contains clues. Detail by detail we have scrutinized these photos in our best effort to understand how and why these moments captured appear the way they do. The first occurrence has yielded the most concise detail. Only when seen from the exact angle as the original sighting was captured when viewed shows the same brick for brick mortar line for mortar line details when the curtain and door are removed. The brick wall inside shows through the space of the old brick doorway. Amazing!


Nicholas Wood
Sorrel Weed House Museum & Tours