Savannah Ghost Tours, Step Inside Sorrel Weed Mansion

Savannah Ghost Tours

Step Inside Sorrel Weed Mansion

Both guests and staff alike will agree a winter Ghost Tour in Savannah’s Sorrel Weed Mansion is fast becoming a new favorite for both locals and visitors. Those seeking to experience Savannah Ghost Tours need not looking any further than through the gates of 6 West Harris Street.

2016 sees the team here at Sorrel Weed inviting guests in from the cold to join us beside the flickering light of a warm crackling fire. Just inside the courtyard between the Mansion and its Carriage House. Never before in all our years has so many new programs invited such numbers of visitors to our rooms and halls like this season has. Never before have so many incredibly talented individuals pulled together practicing their craft and skill within the art of Storytelling. And never before have our guests enjoyed themselves as much as they are today.

As our Summer and Fall seasons draw to a close and winter begins to settle in the low country, the Ghosts within America’s most Haunted City begin to groan just a bit louder as the bitter cold seeps into our streets and squares.

And with that bite of cold air nipping at the cheeks of visitors to Savannah’s Historic District those visitors themselves have a few options for getting out of the cold and stepping inside. And those looking to explore Savannah’s Ghostly side can find it here in the courtyard of Savannah’s most truly haunted attraction, Sorrel Weed Mansion. Because it is inside that courtyard folks strolling in the early evening air can find both a warm crackling fire to sit beside and a treasure trove of passionate storytellers practicing their craft free of charge for the sheer pleasure of sharing the art of a good story.

Any Savannah Ghost Tour may lead you by the Sorrel Mansion sharing folklore and legend, but only one Savannah Ghost Tour is going to take you inside and share with you the true history as it unfolded. And that is the craft of Storytellers found at Sorrel Weed Museum & Tours.

One of the best features for guests visiting Savannah in the winter months is the ability to enjoy local haunts among limited crowds. Savannah becomes just a bit less crowded and audience sizes tapper off into more intimate experiences. And while some Savannah Ghost Tours may be cutting back on the number of events and tours on their calender’s, visitors can expect to find Sorrel Weed Museum and Tours maintaining their bustling schedule of activities and events.

Ghost Hunters House and Walking Tour still operates year round twice a night and seven days a week with their family friendly all ages 7:00 PM Ghost Tour inside Sorrel Weed Mansion. And, a 9:30 PM tour tailored more for the adult audience. Both nightly events remain popular after all these years becomes they are truly the only Savannah Ghost Tour that is going to actually take guests inside. And that’s a pretty big deal, Savannah or anywhere else.

Sorrel Weed Mansion has been featured on SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters”. Experiences captured during filming where during TAPS investigation captured what can still be considered one of their longest and most prolific EVP’s captured. The Sounds of a young woman screaming and pleading for her life, with a muffled male voice in the distance. This having been captured coincidentally above the carriage house in what is historically known for being Francis Sorrel’s slave quarters and the location where a young slave girl was once found hanged after a troubling scandal.

The Sorrel Mansion was also featured on Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures”, providing ample paranormal experiences, disembodied voices, floating mists, and physical altercations between the Ghosts of Sorrel Weed and the Ghost Adventures Team proving worthy of being one of their most popular episodes ever.

Check out our December Events Calendar to find our full list of Savannah Ghost Tour experiences to be had during your visit to Savannah. Including, a continued list of dates and times for both our late night Paranormal Investigations Experience, and our monthly all night Lock-down Paranormal Investigations. These events both feature limited group sizes so booking early and well in advance of your visit is encouraged. And, both of these events are live streamed for friends, family, and fans alike to watch and participate in through our live chat windows during these events.

Plus, find select dates available through December for both our 9:30 PM Ghost Hunters Haunted Pub Tour which finishes with a visit inside the Sorrel Carriage House, and our newest premium 10:00 PM Ghosts of Sorrel Weed Tour which features smaller group sizes, more time inside, and a stronger focus on the individuals believed to still haunt the rooms and halls of Francis Sorrel’s Mansion on Madison Square.

And for those folks perhaps not comfortable exploring our Ghostly happenings under the cover of night, our Daily Guided Historical and Architectural Home Tours continue through the end of the year seven days a week from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM daily and 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM on Sundays. Tickets for our daily guided home tours are only $10 with all proceeds going to the care and restoration of this significant Georgia Historical Landmark.

Nightly Tour and Event tickets begin at just $20 for adults and $10 for children ages 7 to 12 years and as with all our family friendly activities children 6 and under are always free. Discounts for Active Duty Military personnel as well as discounts for groups of ten or more are available when booking by phone (912)-257-2223.