Ghosts of Sorrel Weed Tour


Ghosts of Sorrel Weed Tour | Sorrel Weed House

Ghosts of Sorrel Weed Tour

Event Info

Ages 13+ | $30

Start Time | 10:00pm
Location | 6 West Harris St
Duration | 90 minutes
Operates | Friday & Saturday Nights

Experience the infamous Ghost Hunters Tour as presented by Master Storyteller and Paranormal Investigator Nicholas Wood. Explore the rooms, hallways, and all the darkest corners of the property at 6 West Harris Street. This very special tour focuses on the lives and stories of those believed to still haunt the old Sorrel Weed House. Combining historical events and personal sometimes tragic moments from the homes past Nick guides his guests through first hand accounts of the homes paranormal activity.

With Nick as your guide you’ll be exposed to potential 
experiences while hearing the stories of those that haunt this
fine antebellum home. Hear as he explains circumstances around Matilda’s abrupt suicide, her servant Molly’s suspicious demise​, and the shocking secrets that would haunt Francis Sorrel until his own death. 

Finally move out into the courtyard to see where Matilda meets her ending then into the carriage house where many of Francis’ slaves kept quarter. Spend a moment inside Molly’s very own private room where she would later be found hanged in an act that many suspect as murder.

Advanced Reservations Required
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Meet The Storyteller

Nick Wood


As a performing artist and storyteller Nick has a passion for drawing guests in using just his voice and a bit of history. Believing there is a connection to be found between the mysteries of the paranormal and the events of our past, Nick uses his gift for storytelling to weave an image through words. Tales to unlock the secrets of lingering spirits who's true story's have become diluted by time worn folklore. Drawing from historical documents, personal family letters, journals and records Nick pieces back together the facts surrounding some of Savannah's darker moments in time. You can find out more at

Where to meet

Sorrel Weed House | 6 West Harris St, Savannah GA 31401