Ghost Hunters House & Walking Tour

Join us any night of the week for our Ghost Hunters House & Walking Tour and spend an hour exploring the rooms and hallways of one of the most actively haunted locations in the country. This fully guided tour begins on the main level of the mansion, visits the lower level and crosses through the courtyard to visit both levels of the carriage house. Along the way, your paranormal guide will explain the haunted history of the property. They will be describing the unexplained experiences that have occurred throughout the property, showing photos of the paranormal captured by previous guests, and sharing the undisputed evidence recorded by the TAPS team from the Syfy Channel’s “GHOST HUNTERS”.

After your visit through the Mansion & Carriage House, continue your tour on a stroll through the city’s haunted streets and squares. You’ll visit a few of Savannah’s other favorite paranormal hotspots to hear the dark history and ghost stories of those locations.

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Ghosts of Sorrel Weed Tour

Presented by a Savannah Storyteller, Highly rated on TripAdvisor.

Experience the Sorrel Weed House & Carriage House as presented by a Master Storyteller and Paranormal Investigator. Explore the rooms, hallways, and all the darkest corners of the property. This very special tour focuses on the lives and stories of those believed to still haunt the old Sorrel Weed House and delves further into the haunted history of the property. Combining historical events and personal, sometimes tragic, moments from the property’s past, guests are guided through first hand accounts of the home’s paranormal activity.

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