Frequently Asked Questions, Savannah Ghost Tours at Sorrel Weed House

Frequently Asked Inside Sorrel Weed House

In Spring of 2016 we were excited to launch our new website tailored towards helping our visitors navigate our history, and our many new activities. A new face to greet our guests with and help navigate between our popular Historic Home Tours and our unique Savannah Ghost Tours, all inside the historic landmark that is Sorrel Weed House.

So with this weeks article I thought it might be helpful to address a few of our more frequently asked questions mostly pertaining to our incredibly popular Savannah Ghost Tours inside Sorrel Weed House.

Do we need to make a reservation? Or can we walk up and get on a ghost tour?

Our Ghost Hunters House & Walking Tours are available twice a night seven days a week. While some nights are busier than others reservations are always encouraged in order to guarantee a spot on one of these tours. However on slower nights, usually middle of the week it is possible to simply walk up to our courtyard gate and secure tickets just before the start of a tour.

How many guests will be on our tour?
Our tour sizes vary depending on the tour. Our House & Walking tour has a guest capacity of 30. This may seem large but we do our best to accommodate as many guests as we can due to the popularity of the event. This is also the average size for most of Savannah’s other ghost tours as well. If we made it smaller we would be disappointing a lot of other folks not able to otherwise participate. However we also offer smaller group sizes on our Ghost Hunters Haunted Pub Crawl which we limit to around 16 guests. And our later evening Ghosts of Sorrel Weed Tour which is limited to ages 13 and up has a group size of 20 or less. For an even more intimate paranormal experience our Paranormal Investigation offered on Friday and Saturday Nights is limited to only 12 guests that are broken up into smaller groups of four. The smaller group size is put into effect as to maximize our guests ability to investigate throughout the house without being in each others way.

We have children who want to attend, will it be too scary for them?
Ghost tours inside the Sorrel Weed House can vary between suitable for all ages, and parental guidance suggested. Our early evening tour times are recommended for families with small children. Our guides know how and when to add to the spookiness of the tour and can keep the story content mild when young children are around. On the other hand, our later evening tour times are tailored for those guests looking for a truly chilling array of ghost stories inside a dark house notorious for its paranormal activity. While tickets for children are available for later evening tours parental guidance is suggested and tour guides tailor their tours toward a more mature audience.

Will something jump out at me?
No, sorry. Sorrel Weed House is not the type of haunted house where thrills are guaranteed by actors in masks and costumes are jumping out from behind doors. If something surprises a guests by lurking about in the dark you can bet the tour guide would be equally as caught of guard as you.

Will we see a Ghost?
Maybe. Hundreds of guests over many years have captured startling figures standing in rooms and among the rest of the tour groups. Shadow figures, full bodied apparitions and other sightings inside occur almost at random. Voices are recorded, whispers in empty rooms can be heard just not on every tour. The staff at Sorrel Weed House can not guarantee you will see a ghost. But we can guarantee the ghosts will see you.

Can we take pictures?
Yes! We encourage our guests to take lots of pictures throughout your tour. You can use a flash so long as you are careful not to point it directly into other guests eyes when in some of the darker spaces on the tour. We also encourage recording audio and video when attempting to capture evidence inside during your tour.

What if we signed up for the walking tour and it rains?
In Savannah it regularly turn from a clear evening to a rainy evening and back again in the blink of an eye. And when it does rain often it is only in short bursts. The walking portion of our Savannah Ghost Tour will usually continue even in the rain so long as it isn’t pouring buckets over head. However during more sever rain storms or if there is risk for thunderstorms immediately over head we will cancel the walking portion of our tour. In that event our guests may choose between rescheduling their ghost walk or may ask for a refund of the walking portion of their tour which we are more than happy to give.

Who do we submit our spooky pictures to if we think we might have captured something?

We love seeing what are guests might have captured. While many spooky images can often be solved or resolved to be not a ghost, from time to time spectacular images difficult to explain can be found on the camera rolls of our guests. We encourage all guests to share these spooky pictures with us so we may examine them closely for authenticity. Guests can submit their evidence either through our contact page or by emailing them to [email protected]

Please send any questions you may have to via our contact page. Sorrel Weed House Tours offer both Historic and Architectural Tours throughout the day everyday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Savannah Ghost Tours inside Sorrel Weed House every evening beginning after 6:00 PM. As always more information can be found here on our site or by calling us at (912) 257-2223.

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