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Savannah Ghost Tours

Savannah Ghost Tours


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Sorrel Weed House  Savannah Ghost Tours

Historic Savannah House Tours

Come see why the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation & SCAD Vernacular Architectural committees voted it one of the Most Important Homes in Savannah!

Savannah Ghost Hunters Tours

Featured on the SyFy Channel & Travel Channel! See why Ghost Hunters & Ghost Adventures were so excited about their findings Inside the Home!

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Sorrel Weed House Historic Savannah History

The Home to be seen at from 1840-1860. See why this Home is considered one of the Most Important homes in Savannah.


SORREL WEED HOUSE in Savannah Georgia offers some of the MOST UNIQUE  historic  and MOST HAUNTED  GHOST TOURING EXPERIENCES IN AMERICAHaunted Ghost Tours in Savannah at their finest. The Sorrel Weed House is not only considered one of the most Historically Significant homes in Georgia, but has also become known as one of the MOST HAUNTED PLACES in the WORLD. Several major publications and media outlets include it in the TOP  TEN  MOST HAUNTED HOUSES IN AMERICA.    Babble ranks it 5th in the United States .

The Sorrel Weed House was first opened for tours in 2005, and it has only grown more and more popular since then. It has been featured on many different television network channels like HGTV ‘If Walls Could Talk’, The SyFy Channel  ‘Ghost Hunters’, Travel Channel ‘Ghost Adventures‘, ‘Trip Flip’, and ‘Most Terrifying Places in America‘. Sorrel Weed House Tours  have been featured as well on many other television shows and magazines  on the Travel Channel, History Channel,  Paula Dean Network , Fox and Friends, MSNBC, Lonely Planet, This Old House, Conde Nast, Travel and Liesure  and others.

During the daytime Historic/Architecture Tours of the home, you will learn about the Sorrel family and the deep history, see the unique Original features of the home, and see why the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation said it was one of the Most Important homes, not only in Savannah, but in the United States as well.

If you are looking for something on the Creepier side, then you should consider one of the Paranormal Ghost Tours in the evenings. Hands down the  Starting with the TAPS team from ‘Ghost Hunters’ on SyFy in 2005,  the most respected and nationally recognized  Paranormal Investigative teams have wanted to get inside the Sorrel Weed House. There has been very consistent paranormal activity over the years and many people on the tours report having Paranormal Experiences within the Mansion or Carriage House. More paranormal occurances happen in the Sorrel Weed House than any other place in Savannah. So if you are looking for the most Unique Savannah Ghost Tour during your visit, be sure to book one of the Ghost Hunter Tours! We conduct 3 and 6 house paranormal investigations and overnite Savannah Ghost Hunting tours, haunted candllight walking tours through the historic squares and Colonial Park Cemetery. We also ofter  2 hour Ghost tours in Savannah that consist of 1 full hour INSIDE the Sorrel Weed House where Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures paranormal investigations were conducted. The 2nd hour is a walking stroll through the Savannah squares  and Colonial Park Cemetery. as you see with all other Savannah  ghost city tour operators throughout this old town touring Savannah city. If you want a unique Ghost venue that no other tour company can offer, a venue featured  nationally on SyFy Ghost Hunters and the Travel Channel Ghost Adventures…….a 16,000 sq ft  historic mansion that is nationally known for its history and exceptional architecture, a venue that frightened the …….let’s say daylights out of Jason Hawes on Ghost Hunters and Zak Bagans on Ghost Adventures…..and a venue that has produced more paranormal evidence than ANY other place in Savannah…..then  BOOK  THE TOUR NOW